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Services We Offer

NFA Transfers
Always wanted to own a machine gun? Or maybe you'd like to diversify your money and investments? Machine gun value just doesn't go down. EOS can handle your transaction for you. EOS will make sure you have your proper documentation so as to make your transaction go smoothly. Contact us for more information.

Custom NFA Items
If you have a unique weapon you would like suppressed, or maybe you'd like that old shotgun laying around turned into a nice short-barreled shotgun, or an 'any other weapon' as defined by the ATF? EOS can turn that boring old shotgun into something REALLY fun to shoot.

NFA Item Repair
EOS can repair your NFA items. Have your purchased a suppressor in the past and now it's 'shot out' or the threads are destroyed? You can't leave it a machine shop that is not a licensed SOT. Take a look at the suppressor rebuild story below.

Suppressor Rebuild

A client came to me with a suppressor he had purchased from another Class II SOT here in MO. The suppressor was changing his POI several feet at a range of only 25 yards. He had contacted his original manufacture and told him about his problems with POI. The original manufacture told him to change ammo, and otherwise it wasn't his problem.

Being disgusted, my client approached me with his suppressor and asked if I could take a look. On inspection of the suppressor, it appeared that it had been baffle struck several times, but without inspecting the internals one would not truly know. The decision to take the suppressor to the lathe was made, and I began disassembling the suppressor.

The internals we found inside were shocking to say the least. A threading tap, pipe unions, and gas fittings were among some of the 'things' we found inside this suppressor. The client was furious. We managed to save the tube, threaded barrel end, and the threaded end cap, but the internals were helpless. The client stated the cost of the suppressor was around $800 (with the tax stamp), and it hadn't fired properly since day one.

We replaced the internals with an M-type baffle stack, a proprietary blast baffle, and lengthened the first stage chamber by about an inch. The suppressor performed well on the Krinkov and no noticeable change in POI was observed. The client was very happy with the work done, and was charged a minimal price for materials and time $225. This drives the message home that we have seen with small shop Class II manufacturers... Not all SOT's are created equal.

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